A Magic Carpet Awaits at University Synagogue

A Magic Carpet Awaits…At University Synagogue’s Open House

With the help of BTB Events we were taken away to a Destination beyond our imaginations. Greeted by a resting Camel… we entered  a Mediterranean Escape At The University Synagogue in Irvine, California.

Genies were on hand to grant your wishes, with Smoking Genie Cocktails. Guests enjoyed a delicious “Smoking Pomegranite Cocktail”, infused with cardamom seed and simple syrup to quench their thirst.


Of course you could just rub the lamp and our Bartenders would be Happy to mix you something special!

A street fair atmosphere of great eats and entertainment, was a feast for the eyes and the palate From A Chicken Donna Kabob to Thai Rice Noodles, the cuisine was enjoyed by all.


Our featured Food Wall was the big hit of the night. This imaginative way of presenting food leaves tongues wagging. Not to be out shined, the dish presented satisfied everyone. The wall showcased our Honey Truffle Salmon, served atop fresh grilled vegetables.


What a fun way to grab a small plate. We don’t limit you to one. Which is why, people keep coming back for more of these delights.

What’s a celebration without entertainment? Street performers and belly dancers adorned our streets and stage on this magical evening. Wonderword Entertainment (a weblink will appear in the actually blog post http://wonderworldla.com/) amazed everyone with jugglers and acrobats. The evening continued with ambiance lighting and music provided by DJ Connections (weblink will appear in actual blog post http://dj-connection.net/).


The children were not forgotten on this magical evening. The little ones enjoyed face painting with Mar’s events. Fahtiem’s Belly Dancers (weblink on blog http://www.fahtiem.com/) played with Children and taught our staff members a few moves too.

…Ok so maybe just me!

For those of us that needed a place to rest our feet after our dance lessons, our and colorful lounge provided a cozy escape. Candle light, pillows and low tables creating a relaxing mood.

Fond memories of this evening came in the form of a momento. Guests left with a photograph from a Photo Booth provided by Red Carpet Events.

From eye catching displays of sumptuous cuisine, to cutting edge entertainment, this particular night delighted all the senses. As with all TGIS Catering events, there was never a dull  moment.

At the end of another successful evening, it was time to roll up my carpet and return home. However, I think I’ll keep my carpet handy for my next adventure!

~Carrie Gemme