Sweet 16 at University Synagogue

It’s Nikki’s “Legendary” Sweet 16 Party, at Club University Synagogue…
Signature Party Rentals has pulled off another amazing transformation of this Space.
With the help of a laser specialist and a fantastic crowd this is bound to be a party to remember!
The space is lit with the neon glow of Amber and Blue Centerpieces.








A Spectacular Grand Entrance of Lasers adds to the ambiance of this space.











I hope you are on the VIP list!  The VIP Section is where it’s at.









Grab your VIP pass and enjoy The Oxygen Bar








Body Art











A Slushy Strawberry Mocktail or Red Bull Jello Shot











Then hit Up Cliques Photo Booth with a customized Tron Backdrop,
And download your picture to Facebook at the Cliques Photo Booth Kiosk.








Priviledge Photography will snap a shot of you while you sit at one of our bar top tables and catch up with your friends or take a break from the dance floor at the lounge in this VIP section
By The Way…No Adults Allowed in this VIP Area!
The DJ is spinning some sick beats for Nikki and her dance crew to move to.








Everyone is in the mood to dance now!








A Birthday Wish and Song for Nikki winds down the night, before we all leave Club University Synagogue Behind.










A Special Thanks To Privilege Photography for the photographs.