Fall Vegetables

There are so many fabulous vegetables to choose from in the fall. The range of flavors and colors is sheer delight. And the plethora of ideas to cook each vegetable is nearly staggering but also allows us to have a lot of fun creating! From roasting and sauteing to creating unique soups and dips and pizza toppings, these vegetables can jazz up any meal. Try adding a few to your week night dinners or practice a new dish to serve this Thanksgiving.

Some of our fall favorites include Brussels Sprouts, butternut squash, broccoli, chiles, fennel, garlic, dates, onions and Belgian endive. (To name just a few!) Try heading to your local farmers’ market to see what is in season and available in your area. Get to know your grocer or the local farmers selling the produce to see what is best right now. They often offer serving suggestions as well.

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