Welcome 2014!

As we reflect upon the last year, we recall a lot. Like with any individual or business, there are challenges and great highs. There are slow moments and those that are just crazy busy. (Actually the later seems to be more the case in our business). We have worked small events and huge gatherings. We have been challenged and made changes here and there. Our vendors have amazed us with their help and creativity. But what we remember most is our clients… the new and the seasoned friends who have hired us over and over again. Each of you has helped make the last year a wonderful part of our company history. There were so many gorgeous brides, milestone events, birthdays, coming of age parties and of course all the holidays. Like our clients, each event has a personality and charm of it’s own.

So as we enter 2014, we want to raise our glasses to YOU, our faithful customers. You make our job so fulfilling with your ideas, thoughts and compliments. Our goals for this year is to continue to make your events the best they can be and more.

Thank you for choosing TGiS! Thank Goodness it’s Sofia! Thank Goodness we have YOU!