Catersource 2014

The annual Catersource 2014 Conference & Tradeshow has come and gone but we still feel the buzz, excitement and inspiration from all the sessions, booths and collaborations.

The energy and excitement was fueled by the backdrop of Las Vegas, the entertainment capital of the world. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino housed the convention this year and everything from the attendees lounge to the contests to the vendors was top notch.

We had time to mingle and connect with old friends while also meeting new friends and industry professionals.

We gained a lot of new vendor contacts and ideas galore. The various lectures and sessions we attended were inspiring and thought provoking.

Shawn Rabideau’s session on “How to Read a Client’s Personality to Design a Winning Event” was taken to heart and very insightful!

And while it was hard to leave, we were eager to get back to our clients and start utilizing some of the amazing ideas that have been brewing over the last few days.

So until next year…. Catersource 2015….