Tis’ the Season… Weddings

Yes! It is wedding season! Every week we are doing at least one wedding if not a few. But it never gets old. Seeing the love and unique personalities of each bride and groom is a true inspiration. Everyone has their own sense of style, music and color palette. Each event brings a personality in and of itself.

One such wedding was held a few weeks ago at the Norris Pavillion in Palos Verdes.

The Harlyne J. Norris Pavilion is a picturesque event venue situated in the beautiful and scenic Palos Verdes Peninsula. Stylish amenities, spacious rooms and versatile design make it perfect for a wedding reception.  The special feeling begins when the guests arrive and are welcomed by the circular fountain in the parking court. Large glass entry doors lead into a spacious lobby with skylights, lush palm trees and an oversized granite bar. The Forum Ballroom, with its stylish cherry wood walls and dramatic domed chandeliers, is a decorator’s dream. Floor to ceiling glass doors open onto a secluded terrace surrounded by nature and the tranquil spirit of the quiet fountain.

The darling and talented bride at this occasion actually created her own floral arch with origami birds.

Calle Lilys floated in tall cylindrical vases with live gold fish swimming about.

The cake was a beautiful four-tier confection that perfectly matched the couples personality.

If you are looking to book your wedding venue and caterer, give us a call TODAY! We would love to help you plan it all out… to the very last detail.