Shhh… It’s a Secret….

Last week we had a very special tasting for a “Secret Client.” Who could it be you ask? Well stay tuned on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out in a few weeks or so! But while our client must remain a mystery… the details and food may be revealed here and now!

The gorgeous florals were done by the one and only Katy G. The rentals were from Signature Party Rentals. The food… well that was yours truly of course!

While we’re on the mystery, guessing game…. can you guess what this platter with little suction cups is used for? HINT: They are not candle holders.

Why the special containers hold our ever popular tuna Tartar Cones! This appetizer dish is fresh raw tuna tartar served in a Miso Sesame Cone and topped with creamed Wasabi and sesame seeds.

Another tray passed hors d’oeuvres the client sampled was our Mini Pork Belly Tacos. The Asian inspired taco contains caramelized pork belly, served with mint cucumber slices, cilantro, pickled carrot and jalapeno. It is served in a mini wonton shell in a lime wedge and finished with a delectable chili crema.

There were three main entrees to taste. The first was a Smoked Sea Salt Bone Marrow over fresh Castevella Past and finished with Vatellina Casera.

Beef served two ways certainly had the clients attention. Sliced New York Strip Loin was accompanied with a Peppercorn Bordelaise and the Five Spice Short Ribs were doused with our special recipe. To round out the plate, we served twice stuffed mini backed potatoes and a vegetable bundle.

The Land and Sea course was just as tantalizing and maybe a bit more visually stunning. Black Cod was brushed with rosemary and dill infused butter and finished with capers and diced Kalamata Olives. The Balsamico Chicken Roulade had a Balsamic reduction to infuse even more moisture and flavor to the dish. The duet was paired with a Gruyere caramelized onion potato gratinee tower and baby vegetables.

So have we peaked your curiosity yet? Are you more curious about the mystery client or the taste of the savory dishes we described? If it is the former… remember to check our social media pages and stay tuned for the reveal. And if it is the taste you are after, call us today to book your own tasting! 562-492-9555.