Vanessa Comes of Age

One of the most special times in life is when your children reach their mile stones. In some ways the events are more precious and memorable for the parents than the young honorees. Vanessa’s Bat Mitzvah was no exception. The day at the Los Angeles temple was sweet, memorable and of course FUN for the young teens and adults.

The lounge areas were cool and modern with violet and blue hues to set the hip, fun vibe.

The tables also carried the blue, violet and pink hues.

Dinner consisted of several stations. One of which was the TGIS Signature Tossed Salad served in Cosmo glasses.

The marinated grilled vegetable station was another adult favorite.

The kids adored the made-to-order pasta station with penne pasta and vodka sauce.

In true California fashion, the sushi station probably was the most popular!
Choices included: Spicy Tuna, California, Hudson Roll, Avocado Roll, Nigiri, Salmon and Yellowtail.

To make it easy for the guests, we put the soy sauce in easy to grab pipettes in rice. Guests could each have their own little supply.

Congratulations again Vanessa! You were beautiful and your day was just lovely.


*Portraits by Catherine Lacey Photography