L’Chaim Glatt Kosher Catering and Events

Did you know that we have a whole division within the company devoted to kosher celebrations? In 2010, TGIS launched L’Chaim Glatt Kosher Catering and Events. The L’Chaim Glatt Kosher kitchen, in accordance with Jewish law, is housed in a separate off-site facility. It was built according to the most rigorous standards of kashrut (kosher laws) and is maintained under the supervision of a certified mashgiach.

L’Chaim Kosher Catering Our Glatt Kosher culinary experts are committed to the same values of culinary excellence and style that have made TGIS a major force in Southern California event planning for the past two decades.

Here are a few shots of a pre-wedding ceremony brunch from our Kosher division.

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