Wine Not!

From Weddings to Wine Tastings, we vicariously experience some of the greatest moments of people’s lives. It truly is a blessing to have the kind of job in which one experiences the high points all the time. Don’t get us wrong, it is not all roses. We work hard and making a client happy is not a snap of the fingers. But when a job is well done and the client and all the guests are smiling and enjoying the event… Well we can’t help but smile along with them. We worked hard, put forth our best style and food and the results paid off!

Here are some photos from the wine tasting event last weekend in Newport Beach. Mark Rivera was the TGIS manager for this lovely spread.

What is wine tasting without a beautiful cheese platter?

The late spring afternoon by the Pacific offered the perfect ambiance.

For a little more sustenance, guests also dined on our Sea Salt Bone Marrow over fresh pasta.

Dessert was berries, nuts and cream.

As night drew on, the guests seemed to glow with the spirit of good food, wine and company. Yes! Another successful event completed. Until the next week!