Outdoor Wedding Venue Tips in Southern California

A certain charm can only be attributed to the natural settings that outdoor weddings carry with them. But, beyond cake flavors and linens, a few things need to be considered when planning these types of weddings. 

Make all the difference on your big day by choosing the right team of vendors and a spectacular venue. TGIS Catering is here to help by providing you with a list of outdoor wedding venue tips in Southern California to ensure your wedding is a success:

Inclement Weather

While it’s obvious to be mindful of rainy weather, the alternative in Southern California for outdoor weddings to be careful about is sweltering heat. Ensure there is enough shady seating for guests if the sun is too hot on your big day.

Photo Lighting

If it’s okay with your venue, see if your photographer is willing to scope out photo locations on a day/time when there aren’t any events going on. Of course, make sure it is also alright with your venue when you do so.


Make sure to check on any noise restrictions or curfews, which may differ depending on the proximity to guest accommodations. Also, be mindful that the great outdoors may drown out the sound, which can impact your dance floor.


You don’t want your guests to worry about missing special moments, so bathrooms should be easily accessible and conveniently located. Think about the distance from the reception, and how’s the walk to and from the restrooms?

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