Summer Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Summer weddings can be picture perfect, but not without thoughtful care and consideration. While longer days and warmer weather might be ideal, remember that with those features also come harmful UV rays and troublesome insects.

Choosing the right team of vendors and a spectacular venue can make all the difference on your big day, especially in the summer. That’s why TGIS Catering is here to help by providing you with a list of summer wedding do’s and don’ts.

Summer Wedding Do’s

Wear Weather-Appropriate Attire

You don’t want to end up in a long sleeve wedding dress in the middle of an outdoor summer ceremony. Similarly, be sure to advise guests to opt for weather-appropriate attire when attending your wedding.

Offer Lighter Food Options

Avoid offering heavier foods and opt for lighter, seasonal menus instead. Think of frozen cocktails and fruit pies instead of rich chocolate desserts.

Provide Relief From the Heat

If your venue is outdoors, make sure your guests have a way to retire from the heat if it ever becomes too much for them to handle. Even if you’ve checked the weather religiously leading up to your big day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Summer Wedding Don’ts

Forget Bug and Sun Protection

Don’t forget to protect yourself from bugs and the sun on your big. It would also be a nice consideration to mention something about it on your wedding website for guests as well.

Start Your Ceremony Midday

The sun will be at its hottest midday so try to avoid having the festivities begin around this time. Instead, opt for an early evening event when things start to cool down a bit.

Forget About Save-the-Dates

Even though you might be considering skipping out on save-the-dates to save costs, or the environment, don’t. Summers are typically jam-packed with travel. Make sure people know to make their calendars well in advance.

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